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The Universe of Solana

Ridiculously compelling, SolCanvas is your personal teleport to the
Solana ecosystem. It's not just an app, it's the revolution your
pocket has been waiting for.

SolCanvas: It's like having the cosmos in your palm, but the
cosmos is just Solana projects, which is arguably better than the
actual cosmos.

Get involved, add your projects, edit existing ones, and rack up
those SPL tokens. Who said nothing in life is free?

Connect Wallet, See App Interactions.

Connect your Solana wallet and watch in real-time as your interactions come to life. Each edit and addition you make gets you delectable rewards in form of SPL tokens or NFTs

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For the Community, by the community

SolCanvas is a global project, welcoming edits and additions from community members across the world. Let's build this canvas together.


Get Started

Ready to start earning rewards and wield the true power

of Solana ecosystem? We thought so. Just click the

button below and begin the journey of a lifetime. No,

seriously, click it.

Common Questions

Is SolCanvas free to use?
Absolutely! It’s as free as stardust.
How often can I claim rewards?
As often as you contribute. We love compulsive helpers.
How do I earn rewards?
Just add or edit projects. It’s simple, isn’t it?
Can anyone join the SolCanvas community?
Yes, it’s a global community. The more, the merrier.